Operation Plastic has been designed as a fun, strategic war game that has players deploying squads of soldiers and vehicles into battle to fight against one another.

What makes Operation Plastic unique?

In contrast to other types of miniature wargames that use plastic army men figures, Operation Plastic uses statistics for each type of soldier and vehicle, as well as for their weapons. This makes the players rely more on strategy and tactics rather than on just pure luck.

While there is a certain amount of luck involved in the game because of rolling dice, it is the overall tactics that are deployed by the players that make the game fun and fair. Operation Plastic has been designed from the ground up, using this philosophy.

Also, the Operation Plastic rulebook contains loads of missions which are creative, clearly outlined, and highly detailed, making them both easy and fun to play. The rulebook also contains numerous examples to help players understand and learn the rules at a fast pace so they can start playing right away.

What will I need to start playing?

In addition to the Operation Plastic Rulebook, you will also need the following items:

I don't have any little plastic army men. Where can I get some?

Plastic army men are available at a number of different stores. Recommended locations include:

For more sources, check the Links section.

What are the recommended ages for Operation Plastic?

Operation Plastic is recommended for players ages 12 and up.

I've seen other rules for plastic army men on the internet and they are available for FREE! What makes these rules so special?

We have played literally dozens of different versions of wargames/rulebooks that use plastic soldiers (both free versions and retail versions). Not one of them has completely satisifed us. In an effort to benefit the soldier-based wargaming community with a set of polished rules that is free from many of the flaws imbedded in other games, the Operation Plastic project was started.

A list of problems with OTHER rulebooks:

With the way Operation Plastic has been designed, players no longer need to worry about encountering any of the gameplay flaws/problems that plague other soldier-based miniature wargames.


Operation Plastic (c) Copyright © 2001-2005 by David Reiter. All Rights Reserved.